Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Spirited Away: Connection Makes the Difference

      I haven't been able to spend as much time with my boys this past month as we've been planning for our wedding this coming weekend... But I got to take my Mum with me yesterday to help hold her baby, Spirit, while he had his feet done. And I got an energy off of him that I've never really noticed before.

      He was considerably more calm with her there; more relaxed and just generally more positive. Usually he is a bit of a rude boy for the farrier; not by any fault of his own as he came to us with particularly painful looking feet. And he's been getting better with every trim, but this trim was so noticeably different. He perked his ears at her, and while she was timing her treats for him to positively reinforce his trimming session... he wasn't just perking his ears at her giving him treats. His eyes were so much brighter and he was just happy!

      My Mum is still learning a lot through the beginning stages of Parelli and natural horsemanship lessons with me. And someday we will get Spirit to a point where she can ride him too. But I can't help but feel that these two were destined to come together. His hurt heart and aggression to the world simmers and settles when she is around. Her innocence and ignorant confidence in her actions makes him feel comfortable. I think this is what kicks in for many horses who "take care" of little ones in camps and lessons; they know they need to be safe and be a leader to protect them. It's really touching to know that this energy can be felt even after the so called innocence of childhood is gone. She's found a connection with him that so many will never even know existed, by unknowingly just being herself with him. What an incredible feeling...

     It's put a deep motivation in me to push my intentions and hesitations out of my being and become only that innocent being, that perfect confidence of just living in ernest. I believe it's what our horses are asking of us from the beginning... And we get so bogged down in ideas of how to train them, that we forget how beautiful their souls really are underneath all that glimmering muscle.

And look how lost she is with him... Beautiful.

For anyone looking for this connection; I implore you to watch the following documentary!
It changed my entire perspective and fueled a very important fire for my passions...

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