Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Right Fit

I haven't posted in a long while now, it's been a long and difficult winter for a few million reasons but this past 6 weeks has been very difficult in particular. Sparing the details, I had a wonderful revelation this past week.

Last week I had an unfortunate accident and was kicked in the stomach by one of my recuse OTTBs during training. It was my fault, I don't blame her one bit. And while it hurt more than anything in my life, I didn't think I would be so scared to return to training with her. It's something that kind of grows over time and without the right guidance you put it off and put it off....

I knew I would try to avoid it so I called in my coach, Rachel, to help me with her yesterday. I have only been working with Rachel for the past few months but she is the right fit through and through for my learning style. The way she could just come in, take over for a bit and show me where I went wrong, show me how to progress and make amends. She helped me overcome my fear in little bits.
But most of all she understood it all. She really knew how I was feeling and how to help me.
She didn't just tell me to shrug it off and get over it.
Fear is fear, suppress it and move on.
She was there ready to hold my hand if I needed it.
Without judgement, without condescension.
It was a pivotal moment for me.

And it got me thinking about what a coach really is.
They are not meant to be our strict parents,
but also not our best friends.
They are our guides to enlightenment,
they light the path towards new knowledge of our subject at hand,
but also to ourselves in the making.
They help us grow and teach us to love our abilities.
They teach us attitude of gratitude.
They humble us.
Build us.
Lead us.
Teach us.
Hold us up.
Watch us fall.
Pick us up.
Put our pieces back together.
Encourage us.
Set bars.
Create goal paths.
And stand next to us when we achieve those goals.

Rachel has become a mentor for more than just my riding and training, but for my career and life path. For how she sees and feels the energy around us with horses, how she taps into it and has a conversation. A soft and willing conversation with the most incredible results.

While I am still aching, both physically and emotionally from my hit, I am not scared of my future from here because I know she has me covered. She's worried and understanding in all the right amounts. Here to help me along my way, whatever new obstacles lie ahead, and without competition or judgement. For once I feel like we are in this together! Our grandeur dreams to create more, not fight over what there is now.
That is truly inspirational.

For anyone in the area looking for a behaviour coach, dressage coach or help in their training at any stage; check out her website! You will not be disappointed.