Monday, November 16, 2015

Journey of Hope

It's begun.

We've started our Journey of Hope Horse Rescue.

Please see our GoFundMe below to help us get started.

My heart has always been in horses. 
Now my life is horses.
But my heart aches for those in need. Over the past few years we have taken in OTTBs and other unwanted horses needing care, rehabilitation for both body and soul, and given them a forever home to live at peace. But this past month I have been motivated beyond my limits and we are starting something bigger. We are opening a rescue so we can help more than just a few. We want to help the many. But we cannot do this alone.

In Journey's honour we are starting an OTTB rescue at our farm; dedicated to him and his final journey. We are asking for donations so we can begin rehab for other unwanted OTTBs in pain. These donations will go 100% towards the needs of these rehab horses. From feed, supplements, blankets, trimming, chiropractic and massage care; to transport and training.
We follow our own rehab models at Nature's Run Equestrian; based on natural horse keeping with a focus on enrichment, physical and emotional conditioning and herd socialization. We give full body treatments from qualified professionals in barefoot trimming, massage and chiropractic care.

Horses are our life here. We give everything we have to put back into them. But the costs are piling up and since having to put down Journey we are at a loss to be able to bring in our next rescue. These donations will be tracked and documented towards each of our rescue horses; and our rescue will be registered as a not-for-profit in the new year. Right now we are asking for help to get back on track as the winter creeps up and many horses will be looking for safe, warm homes.

Every little bit counts.
Please share our story and get others involved.
We are always looking for volunteers to join in on our adventures in helping these incredible horses find stability and happiness once again.
From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for everything you can offer to these horses. Their gratitude to you can be felt in every soft nicker at each meal, and in their free running strides in the fields.
Much love.

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