Sunday, July 19, 2015

And then just go back to grazing...

I find myself lost in gratitude at times
when the whole world goes quiet and all that is left to be heard is the wind in the trees, the birds in the distance singing merry tunes to the sun and the gentle munching of grass...

Four solid hooves keeping foundation to a thousand pounds of precision.
Flowing mane amidst a mess of soul.

These beings are my salvation.
They keep me true.
Keep me safe.
And at peace.

They are here to listen.
To give me strength.
To give trust and gain trust 
To have confidence in one's self
To ask for confidence in them.

In a world of misplaced hate and cruel intentions I am lost with their most primal instincts.
How far ahead of us they are...
Herd instincts;
We may not like each other much but together we will survive..
No hoarding, only sharing.
Strict rules of membership but benefits galore.
Come be safe with us.
Come run and frolic...
Be free yet solid.
Chaos comes but only for an instant and then...

We just go back to grazing. 

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